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Conceptual photography - Karen Olson photography
Karen Olson Photography - Maine Portrait Photographer

Fantasy and Fine Art
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Portrait photography is my passion! My goal when shooting portraits is to bring to the surface that which is deep within, the inherent beauty and raw qualities of my subject. It brings me great joy to create scenes for fantasy and fine art portraits and to bring to life your vision for the shoot.

Conceptual Photography

My current body of conceptual work embraces layers of experience, deep seated emotion, and complexity of thought. It is about our struggles, fears, vulnerability, and life-changing events. The imagery encourages introspection and reflection; gently allowing one to fully feel the depth of experiences often too difficult to express. It gives the viewer voice. The photographic narrative acts a a prompt to express one’s own personal story.

The creative process is such an amazing thing!

 Our very being compels us to create. It is the means by which we make sense of the world. Each creative endeavor or personal expression brings clarity and sight, revealing who we are, and who we were meant to be.

Karen Olson Photography - Maine Portrait Photographer