We Are A Part Of This


We Art A Part Of This

Born of a desire to interact directly with my surroundings in my photography practice, I began experimenting with wet cyanotype. I first collected materials from the forest floor, a nod to the act of grounding, and the pleasure of walking barefoot on soft pine needles and mulched earth. A human element was also added, woven materials from my fabric stash. The foraged items were placed on the cyanotype paper at the edge of a lake near my home. I added sand and stone,
gently allowing the movement of the water to affect the printing process. 
Some of the images were double-exposed in the field, others digitally. 
All have been photographed and enhanced digitally. 

The images speak of the landscape of the heart and the inner workings of the mind. It is a wide viewpoint, combining scenes of both the earth and the heavens. We are encompassed in the scene, the natural environment directly interacting with our psyche. We are a part of this, everything. In many ways, we have severed our ties with the natural world and have suffered the consequences. Let us walk gently back toward it and introduce ourselves once again. 

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