Between Two Worlds


Between Two Worlds

Processing Grief and Trauma – A Visual Companion

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Grief and trauma affect nearly everyone, yet collectively, we haven’t learned to tell the truth about our pain. There is an acute lack of understanding, of how to support and help those in crisis in our society. Too painful to talk about and hard for others to hear, our experience can result in debilitating mental strain and illness, leaving one feeling disorientated and alone.

 Karen Olson shares her experience as well as her creative process as a means of companionship. Her poignant work offers confidence, conviction, and hope; a way to navigate painful traumatic events with understanding. In this collection of poetry, images, the reader finds a manageable space to process grief and trauma. Filled with sincerity and emotion, “Between Two Worlds” is meant as a catalyst for conversation, a prompt to tell our stories. 

“What Karen has done is invited others to huddle together without being ashamed of the cold hard pain. She opens the door to process our vulnerable hurts together, giving voice to the fear, the sickness, the powerlessness we have all witnessed. We can be there for each other, no one is alone, we can cry together, and we can heal together.”  

Melinda Prophet, LMT

Between Two Worlds-Karen Olson Photography 3

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Between Two Worlds-Karen Olson Photography 5