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Karen Olson Photography - Isolation Chronicles - Resilience

I have lost track of time. I don’t know how long it has been since lockdown began. A month, three weeks, more? It is apparent at this point that the world will change in ways we can’t imagine, we will change in ways we can’t imagine.

I read a super interesting article which pretty much says what I had been thinking. We are going to need skills like resilience and adaptability to adjust to this ever-changing scenario. Aisha Ahmad encourages us;

” Our essential mental shifts require humility and patience. Focus on real internal change. These human transformations will be honest, raw, ugly, hopeful, frustrated, beautiful, and divine…Be slow. Let this distract you. Let it change how you think and how you see the world. Because the world is our work.”

We thought we needed endurance. What we really need is humility, patience, and resilience. Which leads to my question…how does one hone the skill of resilience? According to clinical psychologist Meg Jay, there are practical ways to do this. One of which is to “know your strengths and use them.” Also, to take a mental break. It’s OK to take way more naps than usual or do something totally non-productive. Your brain needs time to adjust to the new reality and we don’t even know what that new reality is yet!

So my “work” for this week? Rest, relax, dream…





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