Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Karen Olson

Fine Art and Conceptual Photography

How important I feel that is!
To tell our stories … what moves us, motivates us,
makes us squirm or energizes us.

As an artist working in photography, I am interested in portraying human emotion with all its intricacies and complexities. I illustrate the language of the subconscious mind and use the medium to dig deep into the psyche. A lifetime of artistic exploration feeds my perspective and process. Intertwining digital captures of diverse artistic elements and employing a unique blending process allows me to depict depth of emotional experience and subtlety of thought. 

Actively seeking to express deep-seated emotion visually has empowered me and those I work with in many ways. Expression leads to understanding and gives both the participants and the viewer voice. I feel strongly that it is our strength to express the deepest part of our selves, our internal struggles, and invisible wounds; to validate and honor the pain we carry in our hearts.

I have been a working Maine artist for 30 years and am active in supporting other artists as a mentor and instructor. Creativity, specifically working to understand the neuropsychology behind the creative process, is my passion and my joy.

Collaborations are welcome and encouraged. I am available for fine art and conceptual photo shoots. 

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