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Karen Olson


Fine Art and Sculptural Photography

As an artist working in photography, I am interested in portraying human emotion with all its intricacies and complexities. Exploring the human-nature connection, I use the medium to dig deep into the psyche. Gently walking camera in hand through the forests near my home,
I am keenly aware of the rich, healing atmosphere and how it supports us emotionally and spiritually.

Back in the studio, the act of constructing, deconstructing, and constructing further imitates the natural cycles of growth and decay. Diverse artistic elements are digitally captured, blended, and intertwined. Natural fibers, papers, and photographs are formed and sculpted, adding weight and texture. This process pulls me in and grounds me. Creatively, I seek an open dialog with the materials and the subject.

Collaborations are welcome and encouraged. I live in Midcoast Maine and am available for fine art, lifestyle, and conceptual photo shoots.

See my story in Creative Maine Magazine.

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